Michigan Home Destroyed By Natural Gas Explosion and Fire while family on vacation

Imagine going on vacation, only to come home and discover that your home has exploded.  That’s what happened to an unlucky family in Grand Rapids, Michigan, thanks to the wonders of natural gas.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (May 27, 2014) — A natural gas explosion followed by fire ripped through a house on Grand Rapids northeast side early Tuesday afternoon. Neighbors say they could feel and see effects of an explosion with the force …

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Gas pipeline explosion injures two contractors in Michigan

Another case of construction work causing a natural gas explosion when their equipment hits a gas line….

Richmond Township residents reported hearing and feeling the explosion caused by the contractors, who were installing drainage tiles in the field about one-third mile off the road. An excavator, which was destroyed in the explosion, hit the natural gas line and caused the rupture…

The two contractors involved were sent to the hospital, and are reported in stable condition.

The accident occurred on June 3rd, at about 1 pm, on Place Road south of 33 Mile Road, in Richmond Township, Michigan.

At least this story did have a positive angle…

the.. “system functioned as it was supposed to and built-in safety valves were automatically activated to shut off the leaking gas. No other injuries or damage to property were reported.”

Analysis and Opinion

The missing reportage

What the story does not address however, is how it came to be that a construction crew was unaware of the gas line that was in their path.  Why was Bluewater Gas Storage not asked about their mapping processes?  Why was the contractor’s company, Sanilac Drain and Tile Company, not asked whether they did their due diligence in checking for gas pipelines prior to excavation?

Also, the story indicates that the excavator machine was destroyed. Presumably, there would have been a fair bit of debris, and it would likely have been thrown quite far…  

I can’t imagine that hunks of metal projectiles would have been a safe scenario.  And the person who was in the excavator would also likely have been thrown, along with the equipment.

Luckily, the area is relatively rural, with homes set very far back from the road, leaving lots of empty land for the debris field.

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“Entitled men are more likely to endorse hostile views of women..”

This may help explain why real movement towards gender equality change comes so slowly at the top…

Entitled attitudes appear to be linked to sexism — even among women, according to a personality study by psychologists from Case Western Reserve University and San Diego State University. In general, entitled men are more likely to endorse hostile views of women and entitled women are more likely to endorse views of women as frail and needing extra care.

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